Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gifts

Isn't it awful when somebody shows up with a gift for you and you have nothing for them? Here are some easy ideas for last minute gifts this holiday.

1. Gift bags are your saving grace for last minute gifts; make sure you always have some on hand, and don't forget the tissue paper. Candy boxes and cellophane bags are also good to keep around for emergencies

2. When you're out shopping, if you see an ornament or decoration that you like, buy three or four to keep on hand. This way if someone shows up, you can have a present all set.

3. Make extra cookies. Christmas cookies are a great gift, and when stacked in a cellophane bag or nestled in a candy box it makes a great presentation too!

4. Keep some picture frames on hand. Everybody has pictures they want to display and if you watch for them all year you can get some great sales. If you save your double prints all year, you may even be able to personalize the frame in a hurry.

5. Another easy thing to keep on hand is wine. A few extra bottles and some pretty bags and your ready. Plus, if you don't give them away you can use them throughout the year.

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