Saturday, December 31, 2011

Grab Bag

Get ready - I have a grab bag of cool tips that can help you all over your house with all sorts of tasks!

1. Run out of dish soap? No problem you can get through that load of dishes easily so that it doesn't sit there until you get back from the store, by just mixing three parts water together with one part lemon juice. Spray the mixture onto your dishes. The lemon juice will cut through grease and grime with no hassles, then simply rinse with hot water!

2. Do you have trouble rinsing the shower after you've cleaned it, well grab your watering can; it will be easy to direct water right where you need it.

3. Do you have to dig through your linen closet to find matching linens? Here is an easy way to solve that problem. Fold the top and bottom sheet and one pillowcase then slip the three into a second pillowcase. This way the sets will always be together. If you have an extra set of pillowcases, lay them on top of each other and fold them as one.

4. If you have sticky drawers, try aiming your hairdryer at them for a few minutes. The sticking is most likely caused by excess moisture and the hairdryer will eliminate the problem. Once the drawer is sliding easily coat the runners with some paste wax to keep it sliding.

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